Jobs at magaloop: Software Developer

The Challenge

Build technology that supports thousands of small shop owners in running their business successfully, and in remaining independent. Serve the needs of a target group that is currently largely ignored, and directly make a positive difference. Grow our team together.

Your Role

  • You are confident working with Ruby on Rails
  • You are confident working with modern JavaScript and React
  • You value testing as a best practice to build and evolve software
  • You are interested in understanding our customers, to build a product that serves their real needs

Our Technology

  • Backend: Ruby on Rails, Postgres, GraphQL
  • Frontend: progressive web app built with React
  • IoT: embedded Linux device running on Elixir, sending telemetry via MQTT
  • Infrastructure: Kubernetes and Docker on Google Cloud

We work in small iterations, release frequently, and refactor continuously. We put great value in proper testing, and keep our test suite complete and fast at all times.

Our Values

Our Engineering team strives to create a healthy and inclusive work environment, and to provide the best conditions for individual people to succeed professionally, while respecting and valuing personal time outside of work.

We welcome flexible work schedules, remote work, and will work proactively to accommodate the working mode that works best for you. We believe that high-quality, focused work is better than long hours and overtime. If you are the right fit for this job, we will make it work for you.

We provide feedback to each other continuously, with the goal of continuously improving. We pledge to always welcome honest feedback, and to work on it, especially when it uncovers issues.

We are proud users of open source software, and give back by contributing to the software we use. We open source our own libraries whenever feasible.

We are a small but growing team: this is the right time to shape our culture and build our team tenets. We iterate, retrospect, learn and continuously improve on our working practices together. Find out about what we do and who we are.

Apply Now

Send us your application via email to [email protected] attaching your CV